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So what's TCR Academy about?

In short, I want to teach you how to successfully run a business. I feel really strongly about freelancing in particular.

Because, I feel very strongly about the business of hairdressing. Like, the real BUSINESS of hairdressing.

Think about this:

Our services cannot be replaced by robots, bought on the internet or outsourced abroad.

We will always be a crucial part of any community, in that hair is an integral part of communities and heritages far and wide across the globe and is a necessary social, emotional and wellbeing element of society.

We are MASSIVE contributors to the UK economy, spending on average £6.3bn annually in salons and barbershops.

60% of hair professionals are self-employed, compared with 15.3% across the workforce in the UK overall!

Yes, there will always be a moaning Murtle somewhere complaining there are too many salons on the high-street. In my town, I am the 9th salon to be opening in Letchworth town centre, but that doesn't compare to the 40+ in my neighbouring town of Hitchin! There is a reason - we. are. necessary!

There is a hairdresser for everyone, and arguably, everyone needs hair maintenance - it is such a personal experience and such a sacred rapport that is built, you could argue you can't put a price on it. Except, you absolutely can. 100%. Absolutely. Can.

So why, despite everything I have just said, do we overall have a hard time monetising our trade? Key word their, too - TRADE def: 'a job requiring manual skills and special training.' 'the action of buying and selling goods and services.' 

Also, being British we find talking about money distasteful, taboo and generally a bit icky. 

Why are we not enhancing this necessary service we provide to deliver a unique experience to the clients we love and then, subsequently, capitalising on it?

LOVE for the art of it doesn't put a roof over your head.

EMPATHY and RELATIONSHIPS with your clients wont put food on your table.

LIKES and FOLLOWERS and general validation will not buy you a holiday.

MONEY is the fair exchange. MONEY pays for your lifestyle. MONEY is what we work for. 

Mate - you have worked very hard to be able to do what you do - it's about time your exchange rate was reassessed... Most likely. That's why you're reading this, right?

We are doing well as an industry overall, but we could do better.  

  • Over half of hair and beauty businesses have an annual turnover of less than £99k.

  • The cost of a cut and blow-dry has barely risen in the past 10 years.

  • Hairdressing Apprenticeships have dropped by a massive 30% since 2019 due to the change in school leavers age from 16 to 19 and the rise in employment costs.

But let's reiterate the point again that 60% of hairdressers are self employed. aka, freelancers. sole traders. business owners - often overnight. 

Let's face it, who teaches us the money side of things? How to actually run a business? I certainly wasn't taught how to price a cut and blow-dry. I couldn't tell you exactly how much it costs to deliver a root tint service for nearly 10 years, and I certainly wasn't told how to budget for my Tax and National Insurance.

No wonder why the average salary of a hairdresser is only £9.58 per hour. Yes, I said 'Only' - because we work bloody hard and train for a very long time and deserve more than £9.58 per hour. 

That's where I am stepping in. 

My experiences to date include eight years of freelancing within ten years in the hairdressing industry; developing a salon team; owning multiple businesses; teaching NVQ Hairdressing and growing my business through a global pandemic - I feel confident I can show you the short cuts to minimising the hassle of structural freelancer finance and maximising profitability from the word 'go'.

There are many amazing educators I will introduce you to along the way who can teach you a cracking balayage. Maybe you need someone to help refine your precision cutting skills, I know a guy. Or maybe your passion lies in creative colour and you want to explore that niche.

FIRSTLY, above all, understand the numbers. Figure out how much you need to cover your lifestyle. Get your head around Tax and National insurance. Learn cost per colour application.

SECONDLY, find your most cost effective way of working. From booking systems to whether or not you would financially benefit form assistance/supporting staff. Figure out things that mean a lot to your target client that don't cost the earth to add value to your stanard working practice.


THIRDLY, Master the modern basics, discover your niche and the clients that are after it and capitalise on it.

Yes, I can hear your thoughts - "Stacey, Yaaas. All the yes. God, why doesn't anyone teach this?!  Can we Zoom right now? Can we be BFF's?"


Welcome to the new for 2021, TCR Academy. 

TCR Academy's mission is to help you as an industry professional:

  • Improve and widen your business knowledge

  • Discover and strengthen your USP

  • Nurture your fundamental skill set to deliver your services, and to

  • Enrich your clients experience with you as a professional in your field.

Our main aim: to install value to you as a professional and increase your cashflow!



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

insta: @thecolourroomherts @tcr_academy

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