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Bookings & cancellations

For all bookings at The Colour Room, you will receive a message from FRESHA asking to input your card details to confirm your appointment. We do not take any money from you before your appointment; your details are held to ensure our cancellation policy is followed for all appointments.


A 30% fee of the total appointment value will be due if cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours
A 50% fee of the total appointment value will be due if you do not show up

Should you not wish to input your card details, by booking an appointment you understand the cancellation fee will be outstanding and must be paid before future appointments can be booked.


We reserve the right to request an additional deposit or forward payment on any appointments booked for any reasons such as but not limited to large appointment bookings, repeat rescheduling or cancelations.

age policy

Clients aged 15 or under are required to be accompanied by a responsible adult during their visit.

Please be aware that chemical services such as hair colouring, keratin treatments, or perms, are not permitted on those under 16 years of age.

We reserve the right to request proof of age.

ALERGY ALERT TEST (skin test) policy

An Allergy Alert Test (AAT) ensures reasonable precautions have been met to reduce chances of an allergic reaction to chemical services - hair colouring and keratin smoothing.

An AAT is required for all guests at least 48 hours before having a chemical service at TCR Salon for the first time; who have not had a chemical service within 6 months, or who have had a change in health (ie rise in allergies) since their last service.

An AAT is advised for pregnant women 48 hours before each service.
An AAT consists of the chemicals involved in the service applied in the creases of the arms. Leave the AAT on for 45 minutes.
After 45 minutes, wipe the excess colour residue off with a tissue and water and monitor for 48 hours for any signs of reaction such as itching, swelling, redness, soreness or anything unusual to you, local to the area or otherwise.

If you experience symptoms within 45 minutes of applying, rinse immediately and seek medical attention.
Let us know if you have a reaction to the products we have tested with and we will recall you if not all tests have reacted.

Satisfaction Policy

If you happen to be dissatisfied with the outcome of your service, we kindly request that you let us know within 14-days from the date of service so as we can have opportunity to rectify this.
Should you not contact within the specified two-week period, we retain the right to impose charges for any subsequent appointments scheduled.
Please note that if someone else commences work on your hair following your last appointment at TCR, this policy will no longer be applicable.

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