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Appointment Information

Dear Valued Client,


We understand your concerns about entering our salon following the Coronavirus pandemic, and this notification is to assure you that we have done all we can to protect your health, safety and wellbeing whilst you are visiting our salon. 

The safety of our staff and our customers is our highest priority and is of paramount importance to us. 

 This is to inform you of the following precautions that have been implemented.

We Have:

  • Cleaned and disinfected all surfaces and tools

  • Laundered and/or disinfected all capes, towels and linens

  • Removed any non-essential items throughout our salon business

  • Initiated contactless methods of scheduling and payment

  • Acquired appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to be used when necessary and as directed by Government

  • Discontinued the practice of hand shaking and other non-essential contact

  • Re-trained our staff on essential hygiene control and hand hygiene practices

We will notify you of your right to scan the NHS Test and Trace upon entering the salon, we also ask that you:

  • Attend your appointment unaccompanied

  • Upon arrival, you must wash your hands

  • Please limit the wearing of jewellery. Wedding rings may be worn provided hands are kept clear from the face. Minimal make-up should be worn

  • Please limit the personal possessions you bring with you. The salon may reserve the right to prevent personal items entering the salon rooms

If we are running late, we shall make best efforts to contact you to let you know a new time to arrive. If you are early please wait elsewhere until your appointment,


Appointment Structure Guide


  • All new bookings will require a 20 minute consultation and skin test appointment at The Colour Room to discuss appointment needs, preferably with your chosen stylist. Please make sure this is also booked in at the same time as your appointment. Consultations are a fee of £20 redeemable against any service or products within 12 months.

  • For returning clients, a 48hr Allergy Alert test may be required for those who request a colour change of at least 3 shades difference to their current colour OR who have not had a colour/keratin appointment for 6 months.

  • All pregnant women who require colour or keratin services must have an Allergy Alert test 48hrs before every appointment.

Prior to your Appointment

  • Please refer to both our Salon Policy and Coronavirus Salon Policy before your appointment. Both can be found at

  • Please do not arrive early to your appointment, please wait in the car if you are early. We will not be able to accommodate you if you are early so please make arrangements accordingly. If we are running late, we will make best efforts to call you to let you know and reschedule a later time.

  • Please do not bring unnecessary items to your appointment. If you are ‘working from home’, you may bring a laptop/tablet if you need to, which we will ask you to keep on your persons at all times or on your station. 

  • Please do not bring any accompanies to your appointment such as friends or children.

  • For children's appointments, one child must be bought at a time and have one accompanying adult.

  • Upon arrival, you will be greeted and asked to sanitise your hands, and be alerted to the NHS Test and Trace.


Your Appointment

  • Please be aware that our team will be working on a rota to abide social distancing rules. We will do everything we can to accommodate your needs upon return to the salon.


  • If you have not brought your own mask to wear for the duration of your appointment, you will be given a disposable mask.

  • There will not be snacks on offer at TCR, although for long appointments you may bring something suitable to eat. You will be offered a pre-sealed drink or a hot drink. 

  • There will be no magazines, though you are welcome to bring your own or a book. You may bring a charging battery and cable with you to the salon.

  • Please allow that your appointment may take longer than usual due to health and safety guidelines, skeleton staffing and unforeseen changes within your appointment. We hope to be able to identify any changes during your consultation prior to your appointment.

  • Hand Sanitiser will be readily available to you on your station throughout your appointment.

  • To reduce your time in the salon and reduce circulating air, you may forfeit your blowdry for a £10 discount. Please remember that additional finishes such as curly blowdries/waves/curls/full diffuse dry are an additional service and require extra time on top of your standard appointment slot and are charged accordingly as standard.


  • During your appointment, we will discuss your homecare routine and suggest products, services and tips to reduce your salon visits. We encourage you to consider taking some fantastic new professional hair products home with you which will improve your hair, prolong the results of your salon appointment and long-term save you time and/or money! Nearly all of our shampoos, conditioners and masks are available on eco-refill for a continuous discount of 30% when you bring your empties back.

  • You will also be encouraged to pre-book your next appointment as we predict busy months ahead while we can only see one client at a time.



Stacey & TCR Team

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